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Colorado Land For Sale

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Land Buying Guide - Investing
Do You Want to Invest in Colorado Land for Sale? Contact Great Land Investments! Are you looking for cheap Colorado land for sale to incorporate into your current real estate investment plans? During this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the price for Colorado land has decreased significantly in just a matter of months. You might be surprised to learn that more than 32.9% of landowners in Colorado have been looking to sell off their lands quickly, as stated in an online survey conducted by New York Times. If you are a real estate investor, experienced or not, this golden opportunity should catch your attention! So, take advantage today and claim your affordable Colorado land for sale!
3 Things to Consider When Buying Land
● The Market Value of an Acre of Colorado Land in 2020
Before you proceed to finalize your deal on Colorado land for sale, make sure to familiarize yourself with the market value of the plot of land. According to 2017 average values, the cost per acre of Colorado land for sale increased by 0.7% in 2017. This put the statewide average value of Colorado land per acre at $4,100.
● Look for Colorado Land for Sale Already Equipped with Excellent Infrastructure
When purchasing Colorado land for sale, it’s important to double-check whether the terrain provides the excellent infrastructure needed for convenient use. Make sure to check the water supply, internet connectivity, electricity, road communications, and any other amenities you may desire prior to purchasing.
● Property Taxes on Vacant Colorado Land for Sale
Did you know that vacant land located in Colorado is taxed at a much higher rate than land featuring constructions? Yes, that’s true! It’s important to be aware that the current tax rate for vacant land and non-residential property is 29% of the total value of the land. However, don’t let that discourage you because that rate drops down considerably once you build any construction on the property! In fact, Colorado is ranked as one of the states with the lowest residential property tax rates in the country.
Is it a good price?
Key Aspects in Determining the Price of Colorado Land Per Acre
The price of Colorado land for sale per acre depends on certain key characteristics such as location and total size of the property. Check out the following information for a better idea of how land location and size correlate with price per acre in Colorado.
⮚ Location (March 2019)
Area (5 Acres) Average Price (Per Acre)
Black Forest $48,000
Falcon $16,000
Hanover $3,600

⮚ Size of the Land (May 31, 2019)
Property Size Average Price (Per Acre)
5 Acres $23,530
35-40 Acres $2,774
46-99 Acres $1,250
100-319 Acres $858

Brief Report of Previous Sale Results for Colorado Land
When purchasing Colorado land for sale, it’s important to have a good idea of what similar plots of land have sold for in the past. Looking for a quick rundown of that essential information? The following report gives a brief overview of past Colorado land sales and prices.
Dates Total number of sales Median price Average price
January-May (2019) 63 $5,571 $14,166
January-May (2018) 106 $4,060 $12,339
January-May (2017) 71 $8,804 $12,348

Compared Prices for Land
As stated above, it’s important to do your homework before jumping into a purchase in order to gain a better understanding of your possible investment. When looking to invest in a Colorado property for sale, it can be especially helpful to obtain additional details and information on location, size, amenities, time spent on the market, and average price of similar plots of land.
Listed below are some additional details regarding various Colorado property sizes and locations:
❖ 5-9 Acre Lots in Colorado
In Colorado, there were a total of 29 lots for sale with a land area of 5-9 acres. All were sold after being available on the market for 80 days with an average rate per acre of $23,530.
✔ Tri-Lakes/Black Forest Area: In this area, 14 lots were sold at an average price ranging from $12,868 to $67,000 for each acre.
✔ Calhan Area: A single 5-acre plot of land was sold along with the facilities of two active wells, electricity, and two trailers.
✔ Falcon Area: For a price between $10,536 and $21,318, owners sold a total of 3 land areas.
✔ Fountain Valley Area: 5 properties were sold with prices ranging from $1,818 to $3,600 per acre. One land area was sold for $27,789. The lots with cheaper value were located in the Hannover area and properties with higher rates featured different utilities including city water.
✔ Payton Area: In this area, 4 properties were sold between $7,592 and $20,697.

❖ 10-20 Acre Lots in Colorado
A total of 8 Colorado lots of this land size were sold in approximately 182 days with an average rate of $19,503 per acre.
✔ Black Forest Area: 3 properties were sold at rates ranging between $23,413-$42,500 per acre.
✔ Calhan Area: 1 lot was sold by owner for $4,500 an acre.
✔ Falcon Area: 2 lots were sold in this area for a price of $8,222-$9,250 per acre.
✔ Peyton Area: 1 property was sold at a rate of $14,026 per acre.
✔ Tri-Lakes Area: A single land area was sold for $30,694 an acre.

❖ 35-40 Acre Lots in Colorado
In this group, a total of 19 properties were sold in the price range of $848-$5,571 per acre.
✔ Peyton Area: 1 lot was sold for $4,250 an acre.
✔ Falcon Area: A total of 6 properties were sold within the price range of $2,971-$4,996 per acre.
✔ Yoder and Rush Area: In this area, 5 properties were sold at a price ranging between $848-$1,000 per acre. In addition, a single land area consisting of 40 acres was sold featuring 2 constructions (concrete floors) and electricity at $100,000.

❖ 100-319 Acre Lots in Colorado
✔ A total of 120 acres in Calhan were sold at a total price of $132,000.
✔ 381 acres of land at Mid Jones Rd, Calhan were sold at $673 per acre, totaling $189,000.
✔ In the Yoder area, 160 acres of land were sold at $953 per acre.
✔ At Johnson Rd, 140 acres of Colorado land were sold by owner at $700 per acre.

What is Affordable?
Most Affordable Areas to Buy Land in Colorado
1. Lamar: Lamar is a rural city with excellent family and homeownership potential. The median annual household income sits at $37,554 with a median home value of $80,000-$87,5000, making Lamar a very affordable place to buy.

2. Sterling: Sterling is a beautiful city that offers affordable living along with a variety of competitive career opportunities. The median home value falls around $121,000-$129,900 with a median income of $41,220. Overall, Sterling is a great budget-friendly place for family activities, education, farming, and ranching.

3. Fort Morgan: Fort Morgan is an agricultural city with a strong job market and an abundance of opportunities for outdoor recreation such as fishing and boating. It is a highly affordable place to live with an excellent home price to income ratio.

4. Federal Heights: Federal Heights has a median home value of $57,100 and a median household income of $40,205. It’s a great place to enjoy a variety of quaint coffee shops, tasty restaurants, recreational parks, and other fun activities at a comparatively lower cost of living than other areas in Colorado.

5. Brush: Brush is a pocket-friendly town in Colorado that allows the residents to enjoy fishing, rodeo, and other outdoor activities. The median home value is $130,000-$153,200 with a median household income around $45,144-$51,000.

6. Trinidad: Trinidad is well-known for its outdoor recreation, museums, and diverse community. Thanks to the median household income of $37,870 and median home value of $130,400, this city offers a family-friendly atmosphere and affordable housing.

7. Alamosa: If you’re searching for a small-town vibe with plenty of adventure nearby, Alamosa is the place for you. Surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges, warm sunshine, and an abundance of recreational opportunities, this city has it all along with affordability and a lower cost of living.

3 Final Tips for Buying Land In Colorado
Before you purchase your piece of vacant Colorado land, don’t forget the following tips:
o Know Your Market: As discussed above, make sure to familiarize yourself with the land market value and what a reasonable price is for the property you’re looking to purchase. You should feel comfortable in knowing that the amount you’re investing isn’t outrageous for the value of the land.
o Love Your Location: When settling on a location for your investment property, be sure to look for land that fits your individual needs, affordability, and offers growth potential. You want to feel confident about your decision and the long-term investment possibilities it provides.
o Trust Your Agent: A good agent will encourage you to ask questions, work to understand your needs, and then strive to satisfy what you’re looking for in a piece of land. Communication and trust are key!

Helping You Find the Best Deals on Cheap Colorado Land for Sale!
Great Land Investments is a reliable agency that provides people just like you with accessible and affordable properties ready for the taking. If you’re looking to invest in some prime Colorado land, feel free to reach out to Great Land Investments- we can help! Our skilled members are more than ready to offer a guiding hand, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic when real estate investments should be made carefully and safely. We look forward to hearing from you!